LWDP – Lost Wave Direction Promo

The Lost Wave Direction promo CD was considered to become second our album. But we decided, that this music should be considered as promo album. Anyway, on 8th of April, 2004 club intro was the place we invited people to presentation. In next few weeks we made about 200 copies. All of them gone to lots of different people. Later we saw – LWDP became our best promo CD.

LWDP Tracklist

track 1: Last blunt remake / Last blunt 2
track 2: Early call / 2003-120bpm / house 120
track 3: Gime 500 quit / KL mixed up wif ‘batch empty fuck’ / Uma is my Uma / Outa space
track 4: Outa space / Next time Jurte / Dot in space (rmx) / Sparcling
track 5: Orange bubble / Morning theme
track 6: Tip / Jim play / Sunday play
track 7: Archetip mova / Alio mary pt1/2
track 8: -8- / True face / Piano love

track 9: Outro

2004.04.08 by .eXitLabEL.