Art of Listening Will-News Sounds

East-west Conversation – Art of Listening Will-News Sounds

The story began in early 2003 summer, when .eX. decided to create something new to will-news listeners. Both sides of .eXitLabEL. crew was cutting special sound crafts till the day, when they meet each other in aCapo to listen the final east-west project. After 2003 November trip to the Baltic Sea side, for a real chill on the beach, they finally mixed all the sound in two parts: east and west. Maybe that’s why In 2003 December 21st – intro club was inviting will-news pople to listen to .eXitLabEL. latest wave project – Art of Listening Will-News Sounds.
Take a basic chill steps for best listening results.

WestSide Kicks

EastCoast Cuts


2003.12.21 by .eXitLabEL.